USCIS memo- Computer programmers qualify for H1B visas

H1B self deportation
H1B self deportation

USCIS memo- Computer programmers qualify for H1-B visas

USCIS is serious on cracking down on H1B visa violators. In addition, it is trying to implement many strict measures to prevent fraud and abuse. A new uscis memo started to circulate on the internet and social media today.  The headlines read “Computer programmers may no longer be eligible for H1B visa status” 

This is NOT TRUE. Computer programmers qualify for H1B visas. The memo contains many official jargon.

Here is the crux of the memo

  1. There was an outdated handbook which was earlier used to determine an applicants eligibility. And his/ her specialization (or specialty) and how it relates to the applicants occupation.
  2. The new memo replaces all other previous memos that contained ambiguous information on how to process H1B s issued to service centers. This also helps to bring service centers lagging behind up to speed . In this case especially USCIS Nebraska service center.
  3. There are multiple service centers that process H1B visas. In addition, most other service centers are already using the updated policies for assessing a candidate’s qualifications. (except USCIS Nebraska service center)
  4. Carolyn Gwathmey A USCIS spokes person reportedly told press that this memo  and i quote ” DOES NOT CHANGE OR IMPLEMENT ANY NEW POLICY, THAT WE HAVEN’T BEEN USING BEFORE. ITS HOUSEKEEPING” . She also explained that Nebraska Service Center was 1 out of the 4 service centers using the old handbook.
  5. The memo’s purpose: To establish standards across all service centers, since H1B petitions just opened this year. And the memo uses up to date definitions for all occupations like programmers 
  6. Other important information includes the following. 
    1.  H1B was created to attract skilled and specialized workers from abroad with demonstrable qualifications (Bachelors or above in related fields)
    2. Previous handbook had ambiguous terms related to t 2 year associate degrees and self taught individuals.
    3. The current handbook clears such ambiguity and asks candidates in doubt to demonstrate their ability through skill or by providing supporting materials of specialization

So relax guys. And for those who have filed their visa today. All the very best. 


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