Should I come to United States of America

United States
United States

Over the last couple of weeks, more universities have started giving admissions. Many students from abroad have called and asked me the following questions.

“Should I come to United States to pursue my graduate study?”

“Are race based attacks common?”

“Will people shoot me because I am a student from abroad etc., etc.?”


I have also heard comments like, United States is divided and it is dying. The election result is a proof of that.


I am not a political analyst nor am I going to comment on the current political climate in United States.

This is my opinion. Whatever happened and whatever is happening is sheer proof that United States is alive. While United States is divided over politics, race, immigration and policy.

I would like to rephrase what Obama said: “Take a step back and you will realize that is how democracy works. Not everyone agrees with everything when it comes to policy and politics. What works for me will not work for you. When we do not agree with each other, we sit and talk. When we do not agree with each other, we should discuss and come to a middle ground, a win-win situation. Not stall progress”

Presidents come and presidents go but United States remains. It is much larger than government, you and me. United States is the cultural melting pot of the world. What do I mean by that? Excluding the Natives, it is truly an immigrant nation. If you get a chance to take a walk in the streets of New York and San Francisco and you will realize what I am talking about. The word diversity would be an understatement.

    You must have heard “the rabbi, a priest, an atheist and a gay walk into the bar” jokes; it is not something made up. It is something that happens every day in one of the bars in mid-town Manhattan. If you want to see an Asian, a Caucasian and an Indian eating Italian food for lunch and talking about what mobile app to build so they can beat snap chat. Walk into any Italian restaurant in downtown San Francisco.

     United States’ story is not simple. It has a long history of native killing, civil war, recession, slavery, abolishing slavery, world wars, cold wars, 9/11, recession, first black president, a whole lot of bad decisions and involvement in wars.

 However, United States is also the place where science and arts flourish, where man was sent to moon, where there was openness to immigration. Again, many hiccups, backsliding, and hypocrisy along the way but it is still further than any other nation has ever gone. United States’s multiracial and multicultural dimensions are also admirable. No other country has ever seen a candidate like Abraham Lincoln or Barack Obama rise to the highest office on pure merit. Not many countries see the rise of two youngsters building a computer company from garage and it goes on to become the most valued company on the planet.

    I am brown! Period. I am not  trying to sway your thoughts to come to United States. I am here because this country is a pure meritocracy. In addition, it has done more experimentation in terms of policy than many countries. Every person of every ethnicity was at one point an unwelcome immigrant. And United States had to mend laws to help them stay and make them feel welcome. Today it is you and tomorrow it will be someone else. But tomorrow you will be accepted and you will build laws to help those who feel unwelcome stay, feel welcome and build this beautiful nation.  This is the most beautiful unspoken fact about United States. 
    Sure! One might argue that there are xenophobes and racists set out to harm you. When you put together a random sample of 1000 eggs, some will be bad ones. It is the law of numbers that is all. If one argues that the current office holder said racist things in the election and that is what got him elected, so majority of United States is racist. You are again wrong, that is faulty logic. Look at the statistics and you will realize that the current office holder won in areas where the previous Afro-American president won. Hell, the current office holder even did OK with Latino voters after what he said! Most people voted for change or most people voted against because they felt their voices were not heard.

  • United States is still the world’s strongest economy and will continue to be so for several decades.
  • United States is still the land of opportunity where a college dropout can create a company like Facebook.
  • United States is still the hot spot for research, entrepreneurship and education.
  • United States is still the place where the Sundays are busy, and a hard working immigrant (who has been working 6 days a week) will take the subway in New York and head to work and when a Muslim mother approaches him, he gives his seat so she can nurse her baby. And a Hasidic couple will scoot over to make her feel comfortable. And you will get a picture like this.
United States

United States

There is a beautiful proverb in Tamil language,

“The world is my country and every citizen is my kith and kin”.

United States is the country that leads this experiment and someday all other countries will follow and the entire world will be a single country and everyone will be kith and kin.

This is why you should come to United States.

This is why you should be part of this experiment.

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  1. Interesting read! It’s sad what is going on with the division that is seen in media in the USA, but that stuff happens everywhere. Everyone thinks Canada is all love and peace, but we have our own issues here too

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