Core Concepts tutorial

Business Analysis Core Concepts tutorial

Business analysis core concepts tutorial will act as a foundation for all other content, concepts and ideas with respect to business analysis. In addition, it will explain the central ideas that will help you employ business analysis skills.  

Furthermore, this chapter will lay the foundation for all other chapters. 


  • Business analysis core concept model, which is a conceptual framework
  • Key terms, which provide definition for essential concepts. Consequently, will help you communicate in context
  • Requirements classification schema identifies types of requirements. As a result, a business analyst can categorize them.
  • Stakeholders, are individuals participating in the project. Most of all, they have the ability to influence the direction of the project.
  • Requirements and designs 

Business Analysis Core Concepts tutorial

Business analysis core concept model 

It is a framework. In addition, it tells what business analysis means to those performing BA tasks irrespective of 

  • Perspective
  • Industry
  • Methodology

It is composed of six major terms that apply to all business analysts across all industries.

The six core concepts in the BACCM are:  

  1. Need : A problem,  an opportunity that needs to be addressed 
  2. Change: A response to the need, often an act of transformation meant to improve the enterprise’s performance. Deliberate and controlled. 
  3. Solution : Specific way of satisfying needs
  4. Stakeholder : A group or individual who has a relationship with the change, need or solution
  5. Value : Usefulness to a stakeholder 
  6. Context : Circumstances that influence 

Ask the following questions while conducting the preliminary analysis.

  1. What are the changes we are implementing?
  2. List the needs are we trying to satisfy
  3. What solutions are we creating or changing?
  4. Who are the stakeholders involved? 
  5. What do stakeholders consider valuable? 
  6. What is the context the solution and we are in? 

In case any of the core concepts experience a change, it should cause us to re-evaluate these core concepts and their relationships to value delivery.

Business Analysis Core Concepts tutorial

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