A Tinder User’s Data Request Reveals an 800 Page Report about herself

A Tinder User’s Data Request Reveals an 800 Page Report about herself
A Tinder User’s Data Request Reveals an 800 Page Report about herself

A Tinder User’s Data Request Reveals an 800-Page Report about herself

A Tinder User’s Data Request Reveals 800 page report about herself. Imagine the shock.  French journalist Judith Duportail took the brave endeavor to report how she asked the dating-app Tinder for a copy of her customer data. She used an EU data protection law to do this. Well I am not aware of any such law in United States.  In response to the request, she received an 800-page report about herself. The report contained huge amounts of intimate information about her. 

  • Geo location
  • Hobbies
  • Music tastes
  • Occupation
  • Deleted Instagram photographs
  • “Likes” on Facebook

And even her taste in men. Tinder also kept a log of the all Tinder messages she sent.  In her account, she describes how Tinder knows all her “hopes, fears, sexual preferences, and deepest secrets.”  

Tinder User’s Data Request Reveals 800 Page. Tinder User’s Data Request Reveals 800 Page

Shocking? Absolutely! Most of us willingly hand over our personal data without reading the terms and conditions of the FREE APP we download. That is where the trouble begins.  In Tinder’s case, they argue they collect this information “to personalize the experience for every user”. They also use this information to target advertising. If that feels uncomfortable. Think about a data breach. What recently happened to Equifax might well happen to Tinder. 

Think about all the information internet companies collect about you. Now think about all of it being made public. (This shouldn’t be too hard to imagine, given the recent, massive Equifax breach.)

Chances are good that the nightmare scenario which flashed through your mind involved sensitive financial data and hackers making lavish purchases or taking out ruinous loans. That indeed is a horrifying picture. But I have bad news for you, this is probably only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to personal secrets stored up and poorly guarded by companies you interact with every day.

Imagine 800-pages of your deepest secrets.

The amount of information the world generates is growing year on year. With 90 percent of the data in the world today created in the last two years alone. “Personal data is the fuel of the economy,” Alessandro Acquisti, professor of information privacy at Carnegie Mellon University, told the Guardian. “Consumers’ data is traded and transacted for the purpose of advertising.” Moreover, no one is immune. – Strange news – The Wise grad

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  1. I’m not surprised. The info we put on the net is there for everyone to collect even it is not on their site. Sometimes I read a blog and just shake my head – what people talk about. If you wouldn’t walk up to a complete stranger face to face and tell them something, don’t put it on the net.

  2. I don’t see whats the big deal.

    When you sign up to the app you are asked to give these permissions one by one and of course tinder will lep a log of your messages and who you matched with (if this is what she means by taste in men)

    She should look at her tinder profile sometime and see this is all the info she provided them with

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