MIS ranking

MIS Ranking
MIS Ranking

MIS Ranking

Before we get into information systems or MIS ranking, let us discuss what is MIS or ISM 

So what is Information Systems Management?

I am an information systems graduate. So what exactly did I study? And how do universities rank in 2017?

Lets first define what MIS or ISM is:

Information Systems Management mainly tries to bridge the gap between technology and business through cross training technology or business savvy undergraduates with some work experience in the IT industry to make the efficient and effective decision makers. Many people have asked me if this is like an MBA. The short answer is no. Its like comparing apples with oranges.

Information system tries to effectively focus on technology related problems and it creates future leaders in the specific areas by cross training and imparting broad knowledge (I meant broad not deep, It means you will learn something of everything).

A typical profile of an information systems graduate is someone with 2-4 years in IT, software development, product development, statistics, data science, economics or policy.

Yes you heard it right this is a tech intensive course but has business courses that concentrate on software industry so that you know how the industry works, how the cash flows and what market opportunities are available.

What is MIS?

What is MIS?

MIS framework

MIS framework


Friends who graduated with me broadly end up as following.

  • Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers
  • Data scientists or engineers
  • Senior software developers
  • Information security analysts

We work in areas like : 

  • Business process improvement in IT
  • Decision support
  • Information management
  • Software development
  • Software delivery and release
  • DevOps
  • Data products
  • E commerce

What are the most popular areas of occupation ?

  • Business Intelligent Systems
  • Data science
  • Enterprise architecture and resource planning
  • Business Analytics
  • software development and delivery

MIS Ranking 2017 

University Name  Rank Course Name Best for 
For Information systems 
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA 1 Information systems management  Software development, Data analytics and data science
Columbia University 1 Master of science in data science  Data science
University of California Berkeley  3 Master of Information Management and Systems (MIMS) Social issues ,Information policy and management
University of Pennsylvania 4 Master of computer and information technology or
Wharton’s operations, information and decisions department’s information systems track
MS in Information Systems – Kelley School of Business 5 MS in Information Systems Consulting
 University of Arizona (Eller)  6 Master’s in MIS  Consulting, security and business analytics 
 University of Washington, Seattle (iSchool/Foster)  7  MS IM/MS IS IM and generic
 Texas A&M University, College Station  8 MIS Generic
University of Maryland—​College Park  9 MIS (Business school) and MS in IM (ischool) IM and generic
New York University (Stern)  10 Master Of Science In Information Systems For senior associates generic
 Syracuse University (iSchool)  NW  MS IM IM and generic
 SUNY Buffalo (School of Mgmt.)  NW  MS MIS MIS
 Northeastern University, Boston  NW  MS IS MIS
 University of Texas, Dallas  NW MSIT IT and BA
For Business Analytics 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 Master Of Business Analytics Business analytics
NCSU Institute for Advanced analytics  2 Master Of Business Analytics Business analytics
University of Texas–Austin 3 Master Of Business Analytics Business analytics
University of Cincinnati  4 MS Business Analytics / MIS Business analytics 
 University of Conneticut NW MSBAPM  Business analytics  
NW = Note Worthy , Frankly doesn’t matter where you do after this. What matters is how well you do

A general disclaimer 

This is not a comprehensive list of all programs related to MIS. The list is based on number of alumni, the reputation and research of the program, number of graduates placed after graduation etc. If your program does not feature in the list do not be offended. Rankings are not the true measure of any program


MIS Ranking MIS R

anking MIS Ranking

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