List of Things to Carry to USA

list of things to carry to the USA
list of things to carry to the USA

List of things to carry to the USA

 I have written this blog to help students prepare or have a check list of things to carry to the USA from India.The List of things to carry to the USA is in the order of importance. Even if you lose your check in baggage the things in your cabin baggage will help you get in. So please follow the list in the exact same order.

Also remember that in case of trouble you have the right to remain silent

Do not sign anything, such as a voluntary departure or stipulated removal, without talking to a lawyer.

Remember your immigration number and give it to your family. It will help family members locate you.

Give a copy of your immigration documents with someone you trust in the united states.

Inform your International education office in the university your date of arrival and ask for advice if required. Remember their phone number and remember 2 other local phone numbers.

List of things to carry to the USA

1. Official Documents

Please carry the following items with your in cabin-luggage, keep one copy of all the documents in your check-in luggage.  Also pack 2 days of clothing in the cabin luggage. Do not carry any liquids more than 100 ml unless they are edible and you can drink them or pour them. Airports generally ban pressurized liquids and cans > 100ml. Also carry 10 energy bars.

S.No Documents
1 Passports
2 I20
3 Flight tickets
4 Boarding pass
5 Admission letter
6 Trascripts
7 Degree certificate
8 School certificates
9 Provisional and vocational certificates
10 Original marksheets
11  GRE + TOEFL score reports
12 Recommendation letters
13 Financial documents
14 Forex Card
15 Travellers cheques or Demand drafts for 1st sem fee
16 Pen and pencil trust me you will need this to fill the immigration form I forget this every time 😛
17 Medical certificate + shots
18 Medical prescriptions
19 Driving license and other documents that identify you as your country’s citizen
20 US passport size photos and US stamp size photos

2. Medicines

I have not mentioned anything in specific like paracetomol, avil etc. Because everyone has their own choice. I have merely mentioned the health issues so please take advice from a general physician before you get specifics.


Medicines for the following issues.

1 Cold
2 Fever
3 Body Pain
4 Gastric issues
5 Throat
6 Allergies
7 Vomiting
8 Tooth pain
9 Headache
10 Stomach pain
11 Diarrhea
12 Dizziness
13 Sprain
14 Cough
15 Gall bladder issue
16 Deworming
17 Nasivion nose blockage remover
18 Ear pain ear wax
19 Itch gaurds
20 Microbial powder
21 Probiotic tablets
22 Band aids
23 Multivitamin
24 Vicks
25 Dragon balm
26 Sleeping pills
27 Antiseptic cream, cotton ,Gauze,Crepe bandage, electrolytes, joint supports, 
28 Lumbar support, Lens and additional reading glasses


What works in US  Whats available Internationally
 GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz  GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
 UMTS/WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/8  UMTS/WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/6/8/9/19
 CDMA: BC0/1/10  TD-SCDMA: 34/39
 LTE (FDD): B2/3/4/5/7/12/13/17/25/26/29/30  CDMA: BC0/1
 LTE (TDD): B41  LTE (FDD): B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/17/19/20/28  LTE (TDD): B38/B39/40/41
Hard disks  Your hard disk can be checked even if encrypted. Do not in any case carry copyright content, illegal stuff or underage pornography in your laptop or storage devices. You can be arrested .

 I would strongly advice against getting electronics from India. Items are cheap and far more powerful here.

Personal grooming items and misc.  



Soap Unisex items mentioned applicable in mens column
Shampoo + conditioner Moisturizer
Body spray Makeupkit
Perfume Lipsticks
Aftershave Nail polish
Paste Nail polish remover
Tooth brush Lip guard
Shaving tube Hair oil 
Razor Hair spray
Razor blades Hair tonics
Nail cutter Jewelery
Trimmer Hair clips
scissors Saftey pins
Mirror Nail filer
Soap box Foot scrubber
Pumic stone
Dental Floss Hair bands
 Comb  Needles
  Tampons or sanitary napkins
  Bindi Utensils Cooking items
1 Cooker+ cooker spare items 5 ingrediants for tempering
2 Cookers Containers with lids Cinnamon
3 Kadai Cloves
4 Non stick tawa  Elaiche
5 Spoons Tea, coffee 
6 Oven Grip  Jeera
7 Chapati fork/tong  Tej patta
8 Laddle for poori Turmeric
9 Spatula types used while making roti) 1 no. Dhanya
10 Knife  Garam masala
11 Peeler  Pav bhaji masala
12 Serving spoons  biriyani masala
13 Knife& Fork 6 no. All spice mix
14 Sauce pan  Kashmiri chilli powder
15 Steel containers to heat food 2 no. (with lid) Home made all purpose masala
16 Rolling Pin/ Belan (to make rotis) 1 no. Pickles
17 Plate  Read made mix and eats
18 Glass  Kitchen king masala
19 Cutting board Subji masala
20 Measuring spoons Curry powder
21 Small size plastic spoons for masala Whole pepper (Very costly) 
22 Idly cooker Chicken masala
23 Tupper ware and tupper ware bag Dhal masala



Bed-sheet,Pillow cover, Bed-cover, Blanket,sewing needles, threads, buttons

Stationary list:

1. White sheets 
2. Pencils 
3. Erasers 
4. Blade 
5. Stapler 
6. Stapler pins 
7. Pens  
8. Legal Pad 
9. Fevi sticks
10. Scientific calculator
11. Ruler
12. Sticky notes
13. Tapes

List of things to carry to US. List of things to carry to US

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