H4 EAD updates: Why is DHS taking so long to come to a decision on H4 EAD?

h4 ead updates
h4 ead updates

H4 EAD updates: Why is DHS taking so long to come to a decision on H4 EAD?

Here is my opinion on this subject and H4 EAD updates.
1) Immigration reform seems to be a primary agenda for the new administration. One of the primary issues that causes this problem is unregulated H1B and employment based green card. We still have decade long queues. Imagine if there were no waiting lines for green cards. There would be no need for H4 EAD. Since, everyone would get a green card quickly.

2) All new administrations take time to conclude, so they can overhaul the system and layout a plan for a comprehensive reform.

3) DHS and USCIS are not perfect; In order to defend lawsuits they need to present the best defense. And this takes time. If you have noticed. DHS and USCIS have defended legal immigrants successfully in the past. Examples are 17 month STEM OPT was struck down for improper procedure followed in rule making. And DHS worked hard to secure the replacement 24 month STEM extension through proper process. I believe we just need to give them some time to figure this out and represent the H4-EAD rule issued by previous administration.

Hope for H4 EAD H4 EAD updates H4 EAD updates 

3) H4 EAD system is broken, but eliminating H4 EAD only creates more problems. Why? Because every country’s green card wait times is different. While H1B holders of other nations get their green cards quickly. Indian and Chinese spouses take decades. The argument put forth by many is that punishing someone because they come from a particular country is unfair.

4) Many argue that H1B visa spouses can get an F1 visa, study and get their own H1B visa. However, inner circles know that many better halves are more qualified than their partners are. In addition, they want to contribute towards US economy. Denying them a pass to work does not do US any good.

5) Many H4 EAD workers today are project managers and software engineers. Revocation of H4 EAD makes it extremely hard to find a replacement for these amazing professionals. On the other hand, many fake candidates end up getting H1B visas. All I can hope for is the best for you. Hold on. In addition, do not listen to rumors. Keep following our blog. Though anything is possible, have a backup plan. There is no place like home. However, for now this is home. And let us hope no one takes our keys from us.

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  1. Rohith janga | November 18, 2017 at 1:09 pm |

    Thanks for the insight.

  2. Will the decision on H-4 EAD’s also extend to L2 EAD’s?

  3. thank you

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