Breaking news!! H1B visa approvals rolling out

H1B self deportation
H1B self deportation

        Last week we got an official update from the USCIS that the data entry for H1B petitions was completed. This morning we got the information from several attorneys that USCIS has already started finalizing and approving the petitions, i.e. H1B visa approvals. Our source also states that several approved petition packets have reached the attorneys. That was fast! H1B visa approval packet contains the original approval form and filed petition. So we should hear more news and more approvals in the coming days. 

My guess is that between May 15th and June 15th majority of the approvals will be out. All the best. 

                                Most of you are new to the H1-B process, so if the question looming in your mind is what next? It is H1B visa approvals.

                Below is a flowchart to give you an overview of the steps your application goes through.


H1B visa approvals

H1B visa approvals

      1. H1B approval

Happy Path 

The happy and ideal path for any petition is given below.

  1. Employer files the petition
  2. Petition selected in lottery
  3. Check cashed 
  4. USCIS finds all evidence related to employee is correct.
  5. Petition approved

     However not all petitions go through the happy path. Close to 20% of the selected petitions get an ‘RFE’ or request for evidence. This means, USCIS is not convinced by the evidence provided by the employer. USCIS will request for additional information related to employer’s business (tax, income,  or employee’s work history or education. 

USCIS can issue request for evidence for the following reasons

  • Employee belongs to specialty occupation
  • Qualification of beneficiary 
  • Employer- Employee relationship and need for employee’s services
  • Immigration history

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