Who took your H-1B VISA?

H1B self deportation
H1B self deportation

Who took your H-1B VISA?

In the previous article we discussed about what is the probability of getting the H1B visa lottery. I want to delve deeper and do some number crunching in this article. Everyone should know why the probability of getting the H-1B visa is so low. Has the probability always been this low? Or did the craze for H-1B visa start only after the lottery system was announced? Who is actually getting 85000 visas? Where do they come from? Which companies are filing the maximum number of visas? Are the outsourcing companies really flooding and gaming the system to snatch your chances of H-1B visa ? All answers in this article.

H-1B visa is a dual intent visa brought into effect by the American government in order to attract the best minds from around the world. The aim was to attract alien professionals with stellar graduate and undergraduate degrees (read specialized skill) in order to fill jobs when qualified Americans cannot be found. However, in the recent past there have been many litigations accusing multinational companies abusing and gaming the system in order to win thousands of visas. This essentially strangles the mid sized and small sized american companies that really need H-1B visas. See the stats for yourself. The data is present only until 2015. However it gives us a clear picture.


Here is another visualization showing how the companies nearly took 1/3 visas applied during the year 2014. 

Who took your H-1B

Who took your H-1B – Image credits and courtesy NYT

From the above visuals and numbers it is pretty clear how India based subcontracting firms fill positions abroad. These firms become a major force in bringing H-1B visa workers into US from their organizations. INFOSYS, TCS, HCL America are well known and reputed IT service firms trusted by many US companies to offshore work and save money for them. In return H-1B is a small incentive for many workers who work offshore to come abroad and work with the clients. Even though this seems understandable, by flooding the Department of Labor with LCA applications, it increases the odds of obtaining H-1B visas.

In 2015 Infosys, Tata and Wipro —  filed more LCAs nationally than any other firm besides IBM.

see the graphs for your self. 

Office of Foreign Labor Certification data. All data is from FY 2015. Company data includes all subsidiaries.


With more petitions filed in the lottery, the number of visas that are obtained by these IT service companies has risen sharply. You can see the trends below.

Once the american economy came back to growth after 2011 the H-1B visa spike is clearly visible. And some companies are getting atleast 3 times as many visas as they did few years ago. 

Who took your H-1B

Who took your H-1B – Image credits and courtesy : NYT 

Here is the list of companies that consistently rank in the top 10 employers that use H-1B visas. Nothing has changed in 2018. It is the same lottery. The same application process and the same companies applying for petitions. Until a sensible reform comes into effect the H-1B visa will remain the eye of the storm 

Top employers using H-1B who probably took your visa in the previous years. And who probably will in the coming years until a sensible reform comes into place. If you want to read other interesting articles you can read it here 

Accenture Inc
Mahindra Satyam
L&T infotech

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  1. LCA filed stat need to relooked. Does it consider the LCA filed for extensions? Also what about2/3 of h1’s. And is there a way to find nationailty of H1 candidates?

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