What’s a good GRE score ? University Admissions GPA vs GRE interactive chart

What's a good gre score
What's a good gre score

What’s a good GRE score?

What’s a good GRE score? Is my GPA good? These are common questions asked by all aspiring grad students who want to study abroad.
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As the admissions data start to pour in, I wanted to created a visualization  in order to understand the distribution of scores last year. And what to expect this year. 


How does the chart work? Simply select your university from the drop down in the right most corner of the interactive chart. Or click on the scatter plot points to see the mean scores for your university. 

Please fill this form to produce official statistics and keep this graph updated. This will help students determine what a good GRE score is.


I will deeply appreciate all your inputs. It will help current and future students during admissions. Please note that we do not share your data. All personal details are de-identified. We will only publish average results. We want to create a big picture for all students that acts as a scale. These are by no means actual admission criteria. Admissions are based on over all student profile. GRE and GPA play a minor part.



2017 Live Data feed dashboard based on your responses. Thanks guys keep sharing. 



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