Best laptops for college students

What are the Best laptops for college students?

So, you wondering what are the best laptops for college students.  Finding the right laptop for school is extremely important.

You need something durable, powerful, light, secure and long battery life. With so many options available, your decision becomes difficult. Fortunately, for you, we have already found the five best laptops for college students for 2017. If you missed reading  Can i live under 1000 dollars per month? click here.

Buy your laptops below

We made it further easier for you to buy the laptop. Given below are the most reviewed and tested best laptops for college students. You can directly click the image to see the laptop’s configuration yourself and buy it.

Apple MacBook Pro

Dell XPS 15 Touch

Lenovo ThinkPad T470

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Rules for buying the Best laptops for college students

1) Laptop is an investment

I know that you are on a budget. However, think of the laptop as an investment. You will spend most of your time on the laptop until graduation. The amount of time a laptop will survive in your hands acts as a good thumb rule to buy a laptop. Some of the most advanced designs, from Dell XPS 13 to the HP Spectre sell for less than $1500. (Well, Apple always charges more.)

2.) Weight Most students ignore this aspect.

However, you will be carrying your laptop all day long and you do not want your backpack to weigh you down. If you have a long commute, you want something with a 14-inch or smaller display. Another important factor that contributes to the laptop’s weight is its thickness and material. You need a slim yet durable laptop, so prefer metal exteriors or hard plastics. Ultra books fit these criteria.

3) It’s all about configuration

You can be a programmer, a designer, a gamer or a screen junkie. Your laptop should handle everything. The most basic i5 processors and i7 processors can handle the following 1. Web surfing 2. Streaming video from Netflix, YouTube or Amazon 3. Posting on social media 4. Sending email or using applications like Office or eclipse IDE

4) Should I choose Windows or Mac?

I am not going to take sides on this topic. Mac fans will bash Windows fans and vice versa on the comments section. That said there are general rules of thumb that can help you decide which side to take.

1) Cost: Mac is costly compared to windows.

2) Software: Windows wins.

3) Games: Windows wins.

4) Design and creative professionals: Mac

5) Durability: Equal (compared to Surface) 6) Developers: Equal

5) What ports do I need?

We are in the midst of a big change in laptop ports. USB-C, which is a smaller, reversible version of the standard USB port, is becoming the default port on many new laptops.

• USB-C can handle

• Data

• Video output

• Power

Connecting to a display port is the only problem you will face. A universal adapter can solve this problem.

6) How much storage do I need?

Minimum 500GB. Go for a Solid State drive. Solid-state drives are the future. They will last longer on an average compared to spinning platters. Gamers are an exception; you need at least 2 Terabytes.

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