Best gre books – Best GRE book reviews

Best GRE books
Best GRE books

Best GRE Books 

Over the last few years, I’ve used some of the best GRE books for MS in US. So many students struggle to find the best GRE books to prepare for GRE. So I wanted to review 5 gold standard books. This list offers my honest take and recommendations for the best GRE book option available today in market. The main aim of this article is to get you started with GRE as soon as possible. Because I know how much time I wasted shuffling between books and learning nothing. 

Where to get these books?

Lets be honest. Do not head out and try to look for books. We at the wise grad have you covered. Buy them online. Why? Because not much changed in the GRE landscape over the last few years. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on best gre books, while you can get a used copy or rent it out till you end your preparation on Amazon. We even went ahead and put the links below so you can review and buy the ones you want. I am adding links from both Indian and US stores since both serve very large number of students. 

Best GRE books List

I will not rank these books in any order for one reason. They are all amazing, and I used all of them. Each book provides a different perspective and level of toughness for GRE preparation.

The official Guide to the GRE revised general test – By ETS

Mother ship of GRE preparation. You have to to buy this book for one reason. It is written by the test makers. For many new to GRE, you want to know this book inside out. You get access to two Power Prep tests via a practice CD or through the ETS website for free. In addition, the tests overlaps with the two tests at the back of the book. As a result, there are a total of four fresh tests that can help you score very well on the actual test. 

GRE official guide

Click to get the book – India

Official GRE Verbal Reasoning & GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions – By ETS

ETS published these two new books in 2014. And we are glad they did. This book is a definite buy. The quantitative section on this book  comes off as challenging. But with extra effort from you, it sets the standard for GRE test and gets you up to speed. 

Official quant

Click to get the book – India

Verbal reasoning

Click to get the book – India

 The Manhattan GRE Series  – By Manhattan Prep

Burn all your other preparation books. Yes! you heard me. Burn them. Manhattan GRE prep is the gold standard for GRE preparation. All other books pale in comparison. The series contains eight excellent books . Each book based on a core concept. Finish all the eight books with dedication. And I can assure you a good score on GRE. You get six free online tests by simply buying any one of the eight books. If you are serious about your score. Get them. 

Manhattan series

Click to get the books – India

Manhattan 5 lb Book of GRE Practice Problems

This monster is all you need if you are a practice junkie. The 5 lb Book of GRE Practice Problems has over 1,800 practice questions. Creating GRE questions that mimic the real exam is not easy. But what if I told you there are close to 2000 problems in one book so close to the real thing? Would you buy it? You should!  You will get practice material that approximates what you’ll see on the actual test.  Using the massive 5 lb book will hurt your arms, but not  your score GRE. In fact, the math section definitely helps your score and speed for solving problems.

Magoosh Subscription

If you never heard about magoosh, just go visit their website The are a high quality online and offline subscription based gre prep tutors. And boy are they amazing. I spent $99 on them. And to this day. It is the best $99 I spend. I learnt more from their videos and lectures than anywhere else. And guess what? On average their students score 6 point more. And over 1.5 million students use their service. And you can trust them! Hands down the best GRE resource in town. Well, guess what? If you do not want the subscription, they now have a GRE book for you. Between the covers, this 468-page book packs more than a hundred practice questions accompanied by comprehensive explanations—all pulled directly from their renowned online GRE prep product. Get it now. 

Magoosh GRE prep

Click to get the book – India

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