Apps to download during an emergency  – Please share and save lives. 

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Apps to download during an emergency  

Apps to download during an emergency  – Please share and save lives. 
Hurricane Irma hit Florida as a category four storm, and with more than 6.3 million people evacuated this is turning out to be a grave situation. Smart phone apps can help to coordinate rescue and responses. Below are the Apps to download during an emergency  – Please share and save lives. Also, remember to go through this checklist. It might help you during an emergency. 

Hurricane App by the Red Cross

A lot of TV-station-based hurricane-tracking seem like they are trying to scare you rather than inform you. The American Red Cross doesn’t have to rely on ratings; instead, its mission is to keep you safe. The app also helps you prepare for a hurricane, provides shelter locations, and gives you instructions on what to do after the storm has passed. Plus, it lets you check up on loved ones.

This is a free app for iPhone and Android. It helps you stay up to date with NOAA alerts. It also provides a way to connect with friends and family and let them It App comes with features like flashlight, strobe and alarm.
There are 13 other Apps in the list ranging from First-aid advice for situations ranging from anaphylactic shock to heart attacks, blood to Pet First Aid.  

To download both apps, visit:

Weather Underground

This is an another everything weather app for hyper-local forecasts and current conditions.


This is a free walkie-talkie app, users must be connected to a cellular or wireless network. The Android and iPhone app was used during Hurricane Harvey and other crises to connect people and rally support. This lets users join channels and immediately send voice and group messages. 


Power outages are common during storms. As a result, telecom networks do not work. This may be one to try. It’s a messaging app to communicate with people around you, even without an internet or cellular connection, although the messages likely won’t be delivered instantaneously.  You can read how it works here


Fuel is already hard to get . GasBuddy is normally used to find the cheapest gas in your vicinity via crowd-sourcing, but the app also allows users to let each other know if gas is available and if a station has power.


Load up the car now to escape upstate or know if your city roads are passable post-Irma. Users of Waze, a social network for drivers to share real-time traffic and road condition information. Also heard carpool options are available. 


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an app that provides information including National Weather Center updates, safety tips and how to speak with the federal agency.

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