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The Wise Grad is a website for graduate students abroad and aspiring graduates who want to study abroad. I am the first person in my family to set foot abroad to pursue higher education. Having undergone tremendous hardships and with years of invaluable experience. I want to share my story and journey with you through this website hoping that it might help you in some way. 

What questions will The Wise Grad answer?

  • Admission process in United States of America
  • F-1 / OPT student visa process 
  • How to survive school and graduate with flying colors
  • Steps to get a job after graduating
  • How to navigate through the complicated immigration process
  • Anything related to life style in the United States of America 

Due to the tremendous support from our readers, The Wise Grad will expand and provide information about other topics ranging from:

  • Tutorials
  • Immigration news
  • Masters in United States of America
  • How to
  • Weird news
  • Science articles

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Oct 1st 2017 Disclaimer : The site does not provide legal advice of any sort. It contains only the author’s opinions and views. 

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